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An interesting development.

Games Workshop is doing something the 40k enthusiasts have been asking for them to regularly do for a long time, and from my recollection is something that didn’t happen often.  At least until recently it would seem.  Games Workshop is reacting to the way the armies are playing and the feedback they are getting from the community, and that is great! However, you can’t help but wonder with some of the changes if they will last or not.  Before we get into all that though, lets take a moment and see what Games Workshop had to say about some of the relevant matter.

From the warhammer-community FAQ –

 “Today, we’re releasing an FAQ and Errata for Codex: Astra Militarum, Index: Xenos 2 and Imperial Armour – Forces of the Astra Militarum designed to make sure your army plays smoothly, models work as intended and the game remains balanced and fun for every player.”

“The first change is making sure that all Leman Russes are brought into line with their codex cousins. If you’ve got a Genestealer Cults army, or you’ve got a Leman Russ from Imperial Armour – Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum, you’ll be able to take advantage of the new and improved Grinding Advance.”

“Secondly, and significantly, we’ve adjusted Commissars in line with feedback from the community, playtesters and observations from competitive gaming events around the world. Commissars still provide some much-needed insulation from Morale tests, but now, Summary Execution provides a re-roll at the cost of one unfortunate Guardsman rather than totally protecting you against any and all morale.”

“There’s a range of other adjustments in the errata designed to make your games run more smoothly – we’ve answered some of the most common questions you’ve asked since the book was released, as well as patching up any unintended interactions (like the infamous “Ogryn Hyperloop”). “

For the download link to the FAQ please use this link:


Lets talk Commissars

Okay so this is the obvious elephant in the room here.  This just from a glace seems to have rendered Conscript spam useless, not just useless but to where you may actually destroy the majority of your own army without any help from your enemy.  What do I mean?

Let’s just use an example here to show how it may actually play on the table.

  • A conscript unit near a Commissar takes, let’s say, 14 wounds.

  • The unit is required to take a morale test.

  • It uses the Commissar’s leadership of 8.

  • You roll a dice and the score is a one…. this means you just failed by 7 (lol)

  • Now the Commissar has to shoot a Conscript. Rest in pepperonis Conscript.

  • Now you have to re roll the dice

  • You roll a score of 6, and fail, yet again, by 12 (lolol)

  • Twelve conscripts die, and if you count the one that got shot earlier, that’s thirteen… ouch


What does this mean for Conscript spam?

Well for right now it seems like it’s just not viable.  But I have a feeling that they will most likely change it at some point in the near future to make Summary Execution optional rather than it being mandatory. The truth is that even with this the Commissar goes from a competitive choice to a poor one. The casualty levels 5+ T3 units take are so high that Commissars become not worth taking. Even with this change to make it optional you’re paying the price of ten to eighteen conscripts (31-55pts) to save up to four (One in thirty six times when you rolled the worst possible roll of six, followed by best possible roll of one, but also losing the one you just killed), with a chance to increase the amount you kill every time.

In short it looks like until they update the FAQ again Guard players that were Con spamming are just going to have to pick a different strategy for the time being until the details get worked out a bit more.


Spreading the love.

On a smaller note it is nice to see that Games Workshop is making sure to do what makes sense with the Leman Russ and that is to let anyone who has a Lemon Russ including GSC to take advantage of Grinding Advance, which is just nice to see.  Even if it isn’t the most impactful change, while still not bad, it’s just good to see them do something that makes total sense from time to time.  Hopefully we will get a little bit more of that logic for the Commissars in the future. At least to where players will spend the points to take them as they are such an integral part of Imperial lore.


Thanks for reading! We hope we have helped with some questions you may have had, and if you have any further questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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