Nova Open Grand Tournament 2017  

Let’s talk about it! 

Hey folks this is something we have been wanting to talk about for a bit now, but we are excited to finally crack this egg open and see how it fries. There were a total of 8 rounds with a possible 20 points each game. The first four games are by score and then the second four games are within brackets. So before we get into any sort of discussion about what killed it and what got killed, let’s take a look at the results of Nova GT 2017.


Faction                               Average Overall Score            Average Score per Game     Player Count
Daemons                                           106.5                                                  13.3                                       8
Renegade Knights                         106.0                                                  13.3                                       1
Asuryani                                           102.3                                                   12.8                                       3
Imperial Knights                           100.0                                                  12.5                                       1
Space Marines                                  96.3                                                   12.0                                     30
Genestealer Cult                              95.0                                                   11.9                                       4
Astra Militarum                               94.6                                                   11.8                                      17
Harlequins                                         92.3                                                   11.5                                       4
Drukhari                                              91.3                                                  11.4                                        3
Grey Knights                                      89.7                                                  11.2                                       13
Adepta Sororitas                              89.6                                                  11.2                                        5
AdMech                                                88.4                                                  11.1                                        5
Chaos Space Marines                      88.2                                                  11.0                                      31
Necrons                                                86.0                                                 10.8                                       4
Ynnari                                                   85.3                                                 10.7                                       16
Orks                                                       84.7                                                 10.6                                        9
Imperium                                            83.9                                                 10.5                                       13
Space Wolves                                      82.7                                                 10.3                                       6
Tau Empire                                          82.7                                                 10.3                                      12
Deathwatch                                         80.0                                                 10.0                                       3
Death Guard                                        78.0                                                   9.8                                       2
Aeldari                                                   76.0                                                   9.5                                       1
Dark Angels                                         74.0                                                   9.3                                       5
Tyranids                                               60.6                                                    7.6                                      11
Blood Angels                                       56.0                                                    7.0                                      4
Custodes                                               54.0                                                    6.8                                      1


Let’s take it from the top!

Okay so no real surprises here.  of course daemons took first given that Magnus is an absolute power house not to mention all the other bells and whistles.  Doesn’t look like that nerf to Horror smite held these people back at all.  There also isn’t any surprise to see knights near the top, and of course some Eldar sprinkled about.  Space Marines were also pretty expected to see near the top given that they have Guilliman and a new codex to boot. Genestealer Cult was one I thought might have been a bit more to the top three but sixth is still a solid position.

The Middle of the field.

This is saying a lot right now, we have some pretty big names that really just didn’t cut the mustard in hopes of making it to the top. I mean CSM, Necrons, Orks, Tau, and even Death Guard.  I personally was surprised but I suppose I shouldn’t have been given the lack of codices and/or just being out right under powered.  These are things that I am hoping will improve dramatically with future FAQ’s and new codices being released.  I feel like this is definitely the case with a lot of the Astartes that will receive their own codices like Death Watch, Dark Angels, and Blood Angels, etc.


Tyranids and the lone warrior.

Whelp, kinda sucks seeing the Nids so low, but Tyranids are probably in need of a new Codex more than most other factions, if that isn’t obvious enough as it is.  Just hope Games Workshop gives the bugs a little love.  Even if you don’t play Nids, they are one of the most fun armies to play against as a loyalist or chaos so they probably have a place in most players hearts.

Also can we just have a moment of silence for the brave individual that brought Custodes, of which whom I have nothing but respect for.  

This doesn’t say everything about the different factions though.

Even though you can deduce where a lot of armies are at with these results, the NOVA missions let each player pick from a list of objectives that they can try to achieve instead of locking them into missions predetermined by the tournament organizers, so it’s not exactly a normal set of games.  Which means that this may not be how these armies would stack up on a normal mission system.  

Thanks a lot for checking out our breakdown of the NOVA GT!  We greatly encourage anyone with questions or ideas to contact us, as we always appreciate any feedback or ideas!

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