Brush licking, is it bad for you?

Deciding whether or not to start or kick the habit. Is it safe? Well if you search the forums you will find tons of people claiming to have been licking brushes for 20+ years and feeling just fine. (short of some strangely colored lips lol) So at first glance it seems like sure, if they […]

How to take care of your paint brush

A comprehensive guide on brush care.   If you’re having brush problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 solutions but I only use one.   Endless Products Painters have been needing to clean their brushes for as long as people have been painting. So naturally there are a seemingly endless supply of […]


THE Astra Militarum FAQ   LET’S TALK ABOUT IT   An interesting development. Games Workshop is doing something the 40k enthusiasts have been asking for them to regularly do for a long time, and from my recollection is something that didn’t happen often.  At least until recently it would seem.  Games Workshop is reacting to the […]

Break out of your painting rut!

  A comprehensive guide to diversifying the paints you use to unlock the limitations set by only using one paint range.   What type of painter is this guide for? This guide is specifically for the painter that gets locked into using only one paint range which can limit what a painter can do by […]


    This is big news, and everyone wants to know more than is being told.  We however think that they are being quite clear with what Games Workshop and WizKids intend to do. Before we get caught up in theories of what this will mean for the Warhammer franchise, let’s see what WizKids had […]

Top 10 Beginner tips for miniature painting

Top 10 tips for beginner miniature painters   Hey folks! Today we are talking about some of the best tips that could help you not just progress your painting ability, but progress quickly and efficiently.  Now all of these tips are not techniques or methods that most people would attempt to teach a beginner.  I […]