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Table Top Standard

Table top standard package gets you ready for the game fast! Comes with a base of your choosing, primer, base coats, layers and highlights. Email for details on pricing and color scheme!

Build a Mini

Like painting but don't like to build? With the Build a Mini package we carefully cut every piece out of the sprue, then we remove all left over flash, mold lines and file down sprue. Before assembly all parts are washed to remove any mold release agents that may be on the pieces. After assembly [...]

Save a Mini

Messed up? We got you! We can fix almost any miniature and restore it good as new! Email for pricing details!

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 Jerry Spratling

I worked your typical blue collar job most of my life, but it always felt like there was something more I wanted to do. I thought back on things I loved and remembered playing Warhammer at my local gaming store when I was younger, I've always loved to paint (even though back then my models looked more like play-doh men) and the lore behind the games was so enthralling! So I quit my 9-5 with the support of my girlfriend to do what I love, and that day Dark Millennium Studios was born! Painting for other people and bonding with this awesome community is the best job I could have ever asked for! Hope to hear from you soon, happy gaming!